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Editors’ Review

Internet Explorer needs a face-lift–but UltraBrowser, built on the IE engine, doesn’t add much to the familiar Microsoft package. It’s small enough to fit on a disk, and we liked the streamlined interface, but the program uses a bit more system memory than IE, and we noticed no improvements in performance. This browser is slightly more attractive than IE and includes a few very basic skins, but you’ll have to download them from the developer’s site. UltraBrowser provides a panel for quickly accessing search engines, but it can’t search several at once. Also, as with IE, UltraBrowser lacks tabbed browsing, so it has to open a separate window for each Web page; Firefox and Opera users who’ve grown accustomed to tabs will probably consider that a deal breaker on its own. The browser’s major distinctive feature is its ability to store favorites online. Nothing about UltraBrowser will persuade a non-IE user to switch, but it might attract those looking for a compact, IE-compatible Web browser with a few extra features.

Full Specifications

What’s new in version 11.0

In version 11.0, many of the top sites are now accessible from drop-down menus within UltraBrowser. Added convenience to search Google from either the Address bar or the Search Box (located to the right of the address bar).

Browser automation addon


Date Added November 19, 2009 Version 11.0

Operating Systems

Additional Requirements None


Total Downloads 155,800 Downloads Last Week 1 Antidetect browser for iPhone.

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