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Editors’ Review

Dolphin Browser for Android offers a free, fully-featured, Internet browsing experience for Android devices. It is quick, fairly stable, and beautifully designed. All these attributes make it a good alternative to the stock browser.

Dolphin Browser for Android downloads and installs very easily, even for beginners. The user interface is intuitive, but it does have a few quirky features that can take time to get used to. One of these features is the Dolphin quick menu. This is a small logo located in the bottom left corner that accesses three features by holding the button down. With this menu, users can access the settings menu, a display of all the open Internet pages, and a search tool. The idea for the Dolphin quick menu may seem good at first, but could become annoying later on. It can happen that the user accidentally activates the menu, because it is in the browsing window, and it is semi translucent. Additionally, there is no option to deactivate it. The search tool includes an unusual feature, as well, called “Gesture Searching.” The user is supposed to draw a hieroglyph and the browser will automatically recognize it and conduct the search. Even though a quite unique and interesting feature, Gesture Searching seems a bit pointless. Apart from these additional features, the browser, itself, performs well and is quite fast and smooth.

Dolphin Browser for Android looks great and, overall, offers good performance, making it suitable for Android users looking for a decent alternative to the stock browser.

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Browser automation addon

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What’s new in version 12.0.2

[Fixed] Homepage UI improvements [Fixed] Stability improvements and other bug fixes.


Release August 21, 2017 Date Added August 21, 2017 Version 12.0.2

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Operating Systems Android Additional Requirements None


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